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2D FX Process for 2d/3d Hybrid Student Film "Celestial Transits"

Here I show you the process for creating the 2d effects in this proof of concept for the short student film "Celestial Transits", from the early roughs to the final composite. I am only responsible for the 2d animated elements, and I worked alongside modeler and 3D animator Shen Bonano, rigger Zohaib Qureshi, and BG artist and compositor Arthur Neves. Having the perspective grid was a crucial part of this process, as it allowed me to create 2d effects that had depth to match the 3D. You can also see that in my first attempt at animating sparkles, I went a little crazy and added too many, so those had to be dialed back. It was a good lesson on "less is more". The compositing really makes a huge difference in the scene, with the subtle lighting effects and camera move, the whole shot comes together!